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DUTs - DoUpTo Credits - Virtual Money

Aloha dude!

You currently have


Well done and keep up the good work!

If you don't understand this DUT credits thing, then keep on reading :)


What are DUTs?

DUTs (pronounced "Doo-ts"), are credits that DoUpTo now offers its users.  Every time you purchase a service, add a service, challenge, "like" a page or just browse our website, you get DUT credits! (virtual money).


Why do I need this?

The more DUTs you have, the more stuff you can buy.  So, once you have enough DUTs to buy a service, DoUpTo will automatically give you the option to "Pay with DUTs". If you choose the "Pay with DUTs" option, than you won't need to pay with real money! Your order will simply go through and the credits used for the purchase will be subtracted from your DUT account. Once the order is completed, the seller will get the real money from us!  If for some reason the order is cancelled, you will get your DUTs back (just like with real money).


What is a DUT worth?

10,000 DUTs = $1

Each $1 spent = You earn 100 DUTs


How do I get more DUTs?

  • 1000 DUTs = Registering a new account at DoUpTo
  • 10 DUTs = Per daily visit
  • 100 DUTs = For each $1 spent ordering services or paying for challenges
  • 100 DUTs = For each service or challenge uploaded (max 20 total)
  • 5 DUTs = For every Facebook Like of services and challenges (max 100/day)
  • Ask for DUTs = Buyer and seller both get 5% (in DUTs) of the total purchase price of the service.



That's all folks!

Go have some fun!