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Is something unclear? Unsure what to do? Here you'll find all the answers!

Q - WTF is DoUpTo?
A - We had this giraffe thing for quite some time now and we didn’t know what to do with it. So, we decided to launch this site so we can use the giraffe as a logo. Cool, right?
Q - This is sweeeet. How do I place an order?
A - After finding the service you need, simply order it by clicking on “Order Now”. By doing so you’ll be transferred to the payment details page (any further info from the seller can be sent from here) and then to PayPal. If anything else is missing, you will be contacted from the order page, so don’t run away!
Q - How can I be so sure that I'll get what I paid for?
A - C’mon, have some faith in us. If not, you’ll be happy to know about our User Security Policy. In a nutshell: If you won’t get what you paid for, you’ll get your money back. Its that easy.
Q - How can I contact you guys regarding an issue?
A - Just dial 1-800-GIRAFFE (A joke, hehe) or contact us below. If your not satisfied with an order or anything else, just let us know. We got your back.
Q - No seriously guys, how can I make some real money?
A - Ok. Ok. we truly believe that all people are good at something. Except the guy who wrote this text of course. Just come up with something that your good at and put it to work. Anything goes. Singing, dancing, drawing, design, narration, online marketing. Do it!
Q - I know what I’m good at! So what’s next?
A - Hallelujah! Simply submit your service here and add a short description regarding your amazing skill. You can add a short video description regarding your service to help increase sales.
After your service is uploaded, set your fee between $5 and $100. Once you are done you can share it with the rest of the world and soon after be very rich. Just don’t spend it all in one place hehe.
Q - WTF is the WTF category?
A - Well, we saw some crazy people doing crazy stuff online so we decided to make some money out of it. That’s about it. And now you can join us and submit these crazy things you are willing to do to pay the rent or buy your womens clothing. Simply submit you LEGAL thing to the WTF category and… BLING BLING let the Benjamins flow!
Q - Well, WTF is off the hook! But what the hell is “I Dare You”?
A - Hey buddy, we don’t have all day. I Dare You is a unique category never seen before online. We swear on our grandma’s dentures. Here you can fulfill almost all your fantasies by offering the good internet people some good money to do the things that turns you on. It can be anything as long as the people involved are wearing clothes and no one does anything that can lead to arrest. Seriously, our lawyer really sucks. Stay out of trouble. Have fun. This is what life is all about.
Q - What the hell is “Good Will” then?
A - Do you want to make the world a better place? At Good Will, you can get paid for being kind, charitable or for just putting a smile on people’s faces. DoUpTo, encourages it and doesn’t see a dime from it. Ready to make a difference?
Q - You guys are really gonna pay me, right?
A - Well, we can give you some kick-ass giraffe stuff we got, but if you’re in it for the money, we’re good. After your service is delivered and approved by the buyer your money will be transferred to your PayPal account automatically.
Q - What can I do to help increase revenue?
A - Just like in real life, an effective way to increase revenue is to increase sales. Simply offer your service and click the "upgrade" feature (your service will ascend to the top). Another way is to submit a short video explaining your service. Need some more help? Don’t forget to ask buyers for positive feedback and to share the experiences on twitter and Facebook. You’ll be golden.
Q - What are DUT credits?
A - DUTs (pronounced "Doo-ts"), are credits that DoUpTo now offers its users. Every time you purchase a service, add a service, challenge, "like" a page, ask for DUTs or just browse our website daily, you get DUT credits! (virtual money).
Q - What is Ask for DUTs?
A - Ask for DUTs is a promoting tool that the seller has to help increase his popularity. By utilizing Ask for DUTs, the buyer and seller both get DUT credits amounting to 5% of the total purchase price.
Q - I have a ton of these DUT credits, now what?
A - The more DUTs you have, the more stuff you can buy. So, once you have enough DUTs to buy a service, DoUpTo will automatically give you the option to "Pay with DUTs". If you choose the "Pay with DUTs" option, than you won't need to pay with real money! Your order will simply go through and the credits used for the purchase will be subtracted from your DUT account. Once the order is completed, the seller will get the real money from us! If for some reason the order is cancelled, you will get your DUTs back (just like with real money).
Q - Who wrote this crap?
A - Someone who writes crappy texts. Duh!